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Stripper Etiquette “The in's and outs of securing the bag”

Are you that new baby stripper putting those heels on for the first time and not even sure how to look sexy without just twerking for 12 min on stage, or are you the veteran who has regulars and is content with the regular cash flow? Either way there are Always a few things that we can all learn to help secure that bag nightly.


We have all had that night when we have gone into the club not wanted to be there. You had to drag yourself out of bed and then go to work (pull a thong up your ass, wear 7 inch heels that kill your feet, and talk to guys that are complete assholes.) Yes, it sucks some nights- but girl that’s how you pay your bills so snap out of it. No customer likes a lazy stripper. So, ask yourself these next few questions. Do you show up at the club and just get dressed no makeup bare faced? Do you wear the same outfit 3-4 times in a week? Do you spend 40% or more of the night on your phone? Do you just have a pissy attitude because you didn’t want to work and it’s a dead night? If you answered yes to any of those questions-wake up and snap out of lazy stripper mode!

  1. Now I’m not saying go and put your Kim K full beat face on every night ( you can save that for the weekends) but girl put some eyeliner or foundation on and maybe some false lashes to boost your confidence and to sell the customer a fantasy. They don’t come to the club to spend hundreds to see you look like there bitchy wife sitting at home.
  2. If you are wearing the same outfit 3-4 times a week either you suck at being a stripper because you aren’t making any money, or you are just lazy. Give even your regular customers something to look forward to when they come in. A new or barely worn sexy outfit that spices it up. You don’t have to go out and spend $150 on an outfit each week. Hit up Citi trends or Maurice’s and get a cute lingerie set in between the $$$ stripper fits. Be ballin and high class on a budget. But yes you can still be sexy.
  3. If you are on your phone 40% or more of your shift, then you are missing out on the first encounters walking through the door. So what if its dead, when the next customer walks through the door and the first thing he sees is you sitting there texting and you never go over to try that is not a friendly environment that he wants to stay and spend money in. When you are sitting with a customer get off the phone also! ITS RUDE!!!
  4. And finally, if you are the one stripper in the club that everyone knows you have a stank attitude 90% of the time. No one wants to be around that negative energy. Stop taking your negative energy to the customer even if it’s a regular. No one wants to hear your drama! Girl they came to the club to get away from that at home. And if your sitting there talking about how bad everything is and being mad about things in life- you are missing out on money while your venting to a regular. Perk up and suck it up while you’re at work get out on the floor and mingle get on stage 3 and practice if its dead get out of the dressing room. Stop being lazy.


Are you stuck and not making the money you want and need? Try something new.


  • Work different days- Work a day shift or change the hours you are at the club. This might change your clientele. IT ONLY TAKES ONE!
  • Break away from the click you have at the club or the home girl you always kick it with. If they are holding you back from money, then that’s not a true friend that respects your grind.
  • Change the club you work at. Yes, we all have a home club that we love but you have to move around as a dancers sometimes to make that money.
  1. Build a trio (you can trust) to travel with if you don’t feel safe doing it alone
  2. If you do travel solo, make sure someone always knows where you’re at and the name of the club
  3. Go onto and check out different cities hiring out of town dancers. (Sometimes they even pay for your travel and room to come dance!)
  4. Break out of your shell and comfort zone and take some pole and floor dance classes to spice up your dance routines. (INVEST IN YOURSELF)
  5. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE- stop going and blowing cash


What are your thoughts on increasing your income in the club? What have you tried? What have you learned? Because I don’t know it all, but I’ve been dancing for 7 years and have done very well securing the bag I need and want. Please share your stories, thoughts, and input.

Remember be a Boss Lady and determine your own future Skies the limit- Lyric Sky

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