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Adult tea "Toys in the bedroom"

How do you introduce toys in the bedroom? Do you and your partner see eye to eye on what pleasures you both?

Whether you want to bring the spice back or ready to explore something new, introducing a toy to the bedroom can be awkward. Here are my tips on introducing toys in the bedroom!

Make sure you have consent
Talk to your partner about the idea of a sex toy. I do not recommend whipping out a sex toy when you and your partner are about to get down and dirty. Not only can that be incredibly uncomfortable, but can be offensive. The lack of conversation can leave room for interpretation that your current sexual endeavors are not enough to satisfy you, which can make your partner defensive.
Try this out- "I don't orgasm like I want to" vs. "I think it would be hot if tried..."

Find the right toy or Gear
If using a vibrating toy is a bit too much on your first go, there are other options. A cock ring is a great option for couples who simply want to prolong playtime or want more intense orgasms. Another great option is to try a simple set of handcuffs or a blindfold. Relinquishing control over to a partner can be not only enticing but incredibly erotic.
Talk with your partner what pleasures you want to experience, and ask them if they want the same, or something different.

Explore together
This is the best part - you are your partner discovering a new level of pleasure with each other! With changing sensations, you can both reach a new high. It is important to keep in check with each other and feel comfortable enough with the ongoing activities. Speak up if you feel uncomfortable and definitely make sure your partner knows when they're doing something right!

Go on your own Adventures
If you are unsure of what you'd like, masturbation is great for exploring your body and discovering what brings you pleasure! Find what you enjoy and let your partner know. You should always feel comfortable exploring sensations on your own. Trust me it is ok to pleasure yourself!!!

Don't ever make your partner feel uncomfortable about introducing toys into the relationship.

Enjoy and explore!!!
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