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Have you ever been scrolling through porn hub and see a video and think "who the hell would get off to that?"

Well trust me there are so many weird fetishes out there that sell like crazy its not even funny. 

There have been days when I post the sexiest picture ever, and it is rare that I think I look amazing in a photo. Abut 15 minutes after posting that photo I think ill have about 100+ likes on IG. Well yes I received a ton of like, but I checked my DM's and they are flooded with comments on how people love my feet! The photo I posted I didnt even think about what my feet might look like. But there are so many people out there that are turned on by that. 

Today I'm going to go down the top fetishes that are selling on clips4sale and manyvids. Trust me some of these might be weird, but these people make bank off of it. 

Manyvids top 3 

  1. Mukbang-  Yes this sounds weird, and for the ones of you that dont now what it means-Eating large amounts of food in front of a camera or for a live audience. Yep!! You heard me right you can make money off of eating food and wearing sexy lingerie for guys and gals on camera. It is crazy but some people make $10,000 a month doing Mukgang. This can be very lucrative for my BBW women who want to appeal to the weird niche. Dont knock it until you try it.
  2. Sexy Gamer - No this does not just mean cosplay. Men love to see woman dressed as their favorite video game character and play with themselves on camera. But they also like to watch woman play videos games while having sex. Very strange, but very profitable. If you truly are a female gamer than drain the stay at home nerds out of there money, because they will spend it all on you in a sexy outfit playing a video game on video for them. 
  3. Financial Domination - This category is always constantly at the top. This is when a female seduces a male for all of his money on film. "Handover your whole paycheck to fuck me", "Bratty Gold Digger", "The Escort Whore", "Homewrecker Blackmail". These are all titles of trending videos in this category. So if you are a Dominant female this is a fetish category you could strive in. For me not o much I'm a complete sub!

Clips4Sale top 3

  1. Pedal Pumping-  No its probably not what your thinking! This is literally a girl sitting in her car and revving the gas while she plays with her self. Come on for this one you dont even have to be naked! Yes 2 things guys love hot girls and nice cars. I myself have made really good money of car masturbation videos thanks to my nice sports car! 
  2. Ass Smothering- This is also another great category for my BBW or even big booty girls! Men pay tons of money for us to sit and smother them with a nice fat ass. Not have sex with them no blowjobs just sit on their face until they cant breathe. Probably my second top fetish request i receive after foot worship. 
  3. Sneezing- Yes I know this is crazy and something we all do almost everyday, but girls are paying bills off of sneezing and being half dressed on camera! Tickle her until she sneezes or sneeze multiple times while using a vibrator and guys pay top $$ for it. 

I know the categories I just threw out there are very weird, but these are not the normal fetishes we all have heard of (latex,big tits, bondage) These are the ones no one would think of and girls are banking off of there niche they have found. So never say you arent pretty enough, or dont have the body for adult work. Maybe you just need to branch out! Below I ll list the top 5 weirdest things I have been offered $$$$ top dollar to do. (Beware some are gross) 

  1. Poop in a guys mouth
  2. Fart on Camera
  3. Adult diaper bondage
  4. Toilet cam
  5. Ball Busting

I challenge you to find your niche or new fetish and go make some money off of the weird stuff people like!

Skies the Limit-Lyric Sky

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