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Blood Bruddas On The Come Up!

With a booming new single out titled "Famous" and some brand new upcoming fame to go hand in hand with the songs title, Blood Bruddas seem to have the perfect formula for the new online age of music! The young duo dropped Famous on Youtube in in July

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DJ K Yung


When it comes to the Power of a Female we know that the sky is truly the limit. With the recent induction of Missy Elliott into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, we are seeing females dominate the industry all across the board.

When it comes to the World

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New Music: Get It While You Can

By: Stephanie Harris

Music by: Patrick Peyton


Get It In While You Can," is a dance record that motivates people into doing something with their lives, be it... travel, jobs, education, adventure, personal goals, etc. It will make you sing, dance and l

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Kush Montana is the Name!


Atlanta ga is one of the Music industries hot spots for discovering new talent. The city has brought many stars to light and that seems to be the case once again as a new rap superstar emerges from the eastside by the name of Kush Montana.





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