Ceddy J: First Off It's A Pleasure To Take This Time Out With You. Please Let Everyone Know More About SDS's QUEEN?

QUEENofSDS: Thank you for having me. I am a God Fearing, loyal woman who's all about a positive movement. I love to read and share knowledge with the old school homies!!

Ceddy J: How does it feel to be the Life After Dusk Live and The Dusk Spot Artist of The Year for 2011?

QUEENofSDS: Its a tremendous Blessing for my hard work to be recognized. Its motivation to keep pushing forward and upward.

Ceddy J: As Far As Advice To Those Looking To Become A Serious Artist as well as develop a great fanbase, What Would Recommend To Them?

QUEENofSDS: First of all this music game is like an intimate relationship. It requires attention, devotion, respect, and love. I would advise an upcoming artist to stay true to who they are, and never be content with any success. Its necessary to create ways to stand out and tap into different venues that are available for artists to showcase their talents. Stay hungry and keep God first.

Ceddy J: Being A Female Artist In This Industry How Do You Overcome The Obstacles That Many Face?

QUEENofSDS: Wow. Being a female artist, you're already up against the odds. You have to be cautious of how you portray yourself to the public because its very easy to send the wrong message. I just stay true to Queen, and that's easy for me. I've been Blessed to be on the same team/label (SDS) as one of the most talented, successful artists in the South, JDawg, so that gives me the advantage to observe the business side of the music game, and make the necessary adjustments for myself to be successful.

Ceddy J: What's Your Favorite Song That You Made This Year?

QUEENofSDS: I have a song that I made called "Queen's Pride". We haven't released it yet but it gives the female perspective on how we also have pride and how it can be challenging for a man to be with a woman who is in the limelight. Basically its about recognizing that you have someone who's worth putting your pride aside and growing with them.

Ceddy J: Your Style is Always So Fly, What Are The Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe Right Now? 

QUEENofSDS: Well you know my signature yellow glasses are a must, must have!! But I'm in to the naughty librarian look at times, and sometimes I like to do the rock star thing. Spicy red lipstick and a bad pair of heels are ALWAYS apart of my wardrobe though!

Ceddy J: A Guys Wants To Be Your King, What Makes You Want Him? 

QUEENofSDS: A guy has to be God Fearing and confident with a plan. If I feel like I can't respect a guy because he's weak, then I'm definitely not interested. But simply being strong enough to allow me to be strong is a turn on. I believe in staying in a woman's place, but I'm not a fool either!

Ceddy J: Why Should Any Artist Join The Dusk Spot?

QUEENofSDS: First of all, The Dusk Spot really pays attention to what the artist has going on. It gives us a place to actually be recognized and appreciated.

Ceddy J: What Are Some of The Big Things Coming Up With For Early 2012 That We Need To Look Out For?

QUEENofSDS: Well I appeared on Beat King's latest album "Club God" four times along with Slim Thug, Rai P, and other artists, and his fan base is craaaaaazy! Also, I'm featured on JDawg's upcoming "Behind Tint III" and working with him is always a Blessing because his music is timeless. My new single "Call My Girlz" is taking off pretty fast and I have a lot of videos coming up that the people will see me in.

Ceddy J: Thank you for your time once again and God Bless You.

QUEENofSDS: Thank you for having me, and may God Bless you as well.

Find Out More About @QUEENofSDS At http://duskspot.com/profile/QUEENFirstLadySDS

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