2011 Dusk Divine Model Of The Year - @MzAugust08

Ceddy J: First off Virgo Luv it's a pleasure to take this time out with you. Please let everybody know more about the wonder that is Virgo Luv aka MzAugust08?

Virgo Luv: I'm born and raised in Savannah Ga. I have been modeling for some time now and really enjoy what I do. I love to cook, sing, dance and spend time with family when I can. Also, I am a student studing in a medical field.

Ceddy J: How does it feel to now be the title holder of Dusk Divine Model Group's 2011 Model of the Year and congrats as well?

Virgo Luv: Thank you! I am estatic, shocked and blessed.

Ceddy J: As far as advice to those looking to become a serious model, What would you recommend to them?

Virgo Luv: Don't be discouraged and don't give up. Be strong minded and keep your options open. It's gonna be hard times or times you feel nothing is going to happen. Always keep God first in all you do and your prayers will be answered.

Ceddy J: Top 5 songs that got you crunk this year?

Virgo Luv: Ace Hood - Hustle Hard, JayZ and Kanye- Ni**as in Paris, Waka Flocka- Round of Applause, Travis Porter- Bring it Back, Kelly and Lil Wayne- Motivation

Ceddy J: What's your favorite feature of your body

Virgo Luv: Well I have two but to pick one I'll say my butt, because it's round, soft and all real. 

Ceddy J: What's your favorite position?

Virgo Luv: Doggie Style, because I can feel every sensational pounding and I like to throw it back...lol.

Ceddy J: I know the guys are hitting on you, What's the best way for a guy to keep your attention?

Virgo Luv: Just be himself. I like for a guy to be honest up front.

Ceddy J: What are some of the big things coming up with you for early 2012 that we need to look out for?

Virgo Luv: One big thing for me is going to the Super Bowl. I also jave a few venues coming up in Atlanta. I am looking forward to being published in a few magazines in 2012.

Ceddy J: Thank you for your time once again and God Bless You.

Find Out More About @MzAugust08 At http://duskdivinemodelgroup.blogspot.com/2011/09/mzaugust08.html

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