Going Places & WINNING !
I'M GROWING & that REALLY bothers the people who THOUGHT that I would remain stagnant. LOL, You DON'T know ME #TheGlowUP
The verdict is in, I WON #TheGlowUP
The COMMITTED will ALWAYS find a way #EntrepreneurLifestyle
I'm going to WIN ON the scene, DESPITE WHAT & WHO was TRYING to do WHATEVER BEHIND the scenes
I am Emotionally, Mentally, & Physically READY to enter a NEW Phase of my life. I'm READY to GROW more, to get BETTER & to receive ALL MY BLESSINGS that were PROMISED to ME
I've survived THAT, & I WILL survive THIS too! You ALL under-estimated the WRONG one #SURVIVOR
When you aren't afraid to lose, you become fortified to WIN! You'll find YOUR Stride in TIME!
STOP hanging with people that are Jealous of YOU. You HAVE to be Doubted because it helps you DEVELOP. You're just GROWING THROUGH a PROCESS, KEEP MOVING & KEEP GROWING! DON'T despise the seasons where GOD hides YOU!
The LORD Will Do IT For ME - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=13&v=vAzpNaAODpM
Been MIA for the past few days my internet family. Been running & ripping lately. Melo turned 1 month on the 7th, Dre is now 28 #LIFE #ILY
God has HIS hedge of protection around me & those that I love, ALWAYS!
MY PURPOSE is helping ME to change FREQUENCIES. I'm IN it to WIN it. May the FINAL 3 months of MY 2017 be the #PLOTTWIST that I've been Believing, Fasting, Hoping, Praying & Standing STILL for #ImTrustingGODForIT
ALL that I HAVE SEEN teaches ME to TRUST GOD for ALL that I have NOT SEEN