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May 19

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My name is Hureka Simmons, but I was born and raised as Hureka “Pinky” Knowles of Nassau, Bahamas. After attending St. John's College (high school) in the Bahamas, I attended Lees McCrae College in Banner Elk, NC as a Wildlife Rehabilitation and Philosophy major. Reflecting on my future and my talents, I moved to Charlotte, NC to begin my career as a model. It has been a struggle, but networking with the right people and realizing that modeling is a passion, I’ve invested deeply in myself to one day become one of the world’s top models. I’ve worked with many talented businesses in Charlotte and surrounding areas such as Robert Burns II Photography, Taylor Lions Photography, House of LeMond’s Runway Fashion Show, photoshoot for and sponsored by T&A Lingerie boutique, Todd Arrington’s Lingerie photoshoot, Jay Humble photography, D. Gabriel’s photoshoot, music video with Teeny Barrino, nominated for SCUMA (South Carolina Underground Music Awards) 2016 Model of the Year, and a Model Host at the 2016 CIAA day party with Stevie J at Empire, located in uptown Charlotte. I have been involved in many volunteer projects with the park and recreation department and other organizations that portrays my softer side for humanity although I tend to come off rigid when it comes to my work, but I love what I do and that’s to show the world who Pinky “Bahamian” Model is and what she will become. My goal is to be a dynasty, an empire, and an inspiration to others that strive to make their own way through trials and triumphs, but always come out on top.

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