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Rude Boy Drops "Where do I start" Mixtape!

Local Broward County Rapper "Rude Boy" Releases his Highly Anticipated mixtape titled "Where Should I Start." On this project Rude Boy raps about Trends, His struggles, Growing up, His family issues, His love life And His hood "1800 Block". He Also pays homage to Rapper Kodak Black who is from the exact same hood. In less than 24 hours after its release, "Where should I start" Received more than 35,000 Plays.

"Where Should I Start" is available now on Mymixtapez, Spinrilla, Soundcloud, Youtube and more!

Listen for yourself and see why everyone is saying Rude Boy is up next!

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At times when lyricism sometimes feels unappreciated;
2 rappers joined forces to show their appreciation for the underground scene.

At times when powerful punchlines & a multitude of metaphors are difficult to discover;
2 rappers teamed up to locate what is lost from the art form.
At times when the net is dominated by "singles",
2 rappers collaborated to provide over 30 mins of music.
At times when full projects are scarce,
2 rappers set-up a mixtape....
Bars ,
Beats ,
Bangers ,
Back to reflect on the way underground music was traditionally released.
Listen to " A Good Old Fashioned NY Mixtape" by Skittelz x T-Blaze

►Merch: http://skittelzmusic.bigcartel.com/
►Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2mRuJ34
►iTunes: http://apple.co/2m6COB3
►Apple Music: http://apple.co/2m6COB3
►Amazon Music: http://amzn.to/2lKSSaF
►Google Play: http://bit.ly/2mEnE8Y
►Tidal : http://bit.ly/2mRhQGa

Twitter: www.twitter.com/skittelzmusic 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/skittelzmusicpage
SoundCloud :www.soundcloud.com/skittelzmusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/skittelzmusic
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/skittelzmusic
Tumblr: http://skittelzmusic.tumblr.com/
Reverbnation : www.reverbnation.com/skittelzmusic

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4Play Drops "Dumb"

​Born Jamie Howard "4Play" is a rising young HipHop artist coming out of the streets Jackson,MS. 4 Play Music is heating up the streets and bangin the the clubs up from Houston,TX to Atlanta,GA. Rapping about nothing but the real in the streets and coming from the hard streets of Jackson,Ms she got a lot on her mind and the skills to put it out there. Club owners constantly book "4Play" because the show "4Play" puts on make the crowds want more and more and they love to see "4Play" rip the stage up with that energy.

Mississippi been making some waves in the HipHop world lately and "4Play" going to make her mark in 2017. 4535 Music will be releasing her debut single TBA in May 2017 making way for the release of her Mixtape dropping summer 2017.

Keep informed on "4Play" visit http://4535music.com/4play

​Instagram @​fourplay_mrspike400


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JRell Drops "SDDD" Feat. DJ OMM

Josh JRell Gunter "The R is capitalized" born Oct. 2000 is a 16yr Old Rapper,Producer,Writer from Wilmington Delaware. Growing up in Wilm De where the murder rate is one of the most highest in America it's hard for a kid not to fall victim to the streets. JRell decided in 2015 he would take matters into his own hands by writing down his thoughts in his notebook and finding beats online to turn those thoughts in to music. Later that year JRell linked with another aspiring artist Gio Young Seda Paredes when together they are SMG (Survivor Music Group) and have released several songs together on Soundcloud.

In the summer of 2016 JRell entered the biggest local talent competion in Delaware, The Delaware Teen Idiol. Without ever performing he won 1st place and has been performing ever since at local venues and continues to make a name for himself. Later that year JRell released his 1st Mixtape titled Kid Kazam on Spinrilla and Soundcloud with lyrics like "Softmore but I'm senior tough,i don't know why yhey hate on us" (Broly over 11k plays on Soundcloud) he continues to receive downloads and plays and great reviews. JRell is currently working on his first album produced mainly by himself. Most recently JRell linked up with his little brother Julian Dj OnMyMom Gunter and released a party single titled SauceDabDripDrive on Jan. 20th 2017 available on Itunes,Google Play and Spotify. JRell is a true all around artist and will continue to MAKE MUSIC GREAT AGAIN.

Listen to JRell- SDDD [Feat. DJ OMM] by JRell #np on #SoundCloud


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LingLingLive Drops New Single "Like Me"

Recording artist LingLingLive hailing from Miami-Dade County releases her new single "Like Me" ! Her music showcases the original South Florida hip hop style with an upbeat and mellow sound along with it. You will find a hint of Miami-Dade's swagger in her lyrics but the unique sound she has created makes it hard to compare her with any other artist past or present, she is truly one of a kind. Get ready to hear some unique and diverse music from LingLingLive as she is gearing up to release more content so stay tuned!

Stay Connected with "LingLingLive"




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Danjah317 is a rap group made of 3 young men hailing from Indianapolis, IN. Danjah317 is slowly shifting the sound of Indiana and setting a whole new bar. They have went against the grain of the city just by simply unifying and perfecting their own craft. Danjah317 refers to themselves as "3 average joes with a dream and a habit(Music)". With little money, they continue to record quality music in their "at home studio" that they've created out of a microphone, a computer and a shoebox. They've ended the year off with a bang by releasing their long Anticipated "DB2: Just Breath" mixtape. It also include "Stress Free Zone". It is their number 1 song on Soundcloud at the moment.


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I recently came across an artist from the eastcoast who now lives out west in LA named Dray Houston. Although he doesn't have much material released, the content he has put out is definitely worth a listen. His most recent release with producer PdubTheProducer My Plug N' My Plays, is definitely making noise on the internet and throughout the music industry. The track was first premiered on HipHipsince1987, and eventually found its way to The Source, ItzBizKit and Unsigned Heat. The song is based on a story defining survival and prosperity for a young local hustler with big dreams of making it out, and eventually making those plans and hopes come to fruition. Make sure to stay on the look out for Dray Houston and any up and coming future releases by the new artist.





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45 Year Old Woman who Is A YouTube Sensation Has Over 500,000 Views On Her New Video Money Money in The First 2 Weeks And Still Counting.

YouTube Star, Alicia Grimes announced the release of her new
video,“Money Money” from "The Album 43", through her record label
Alicia Grimes Entertainment. She is a singer, songwriter, marketing
expert and music enthusiast who built her music career and audience
online while being notable for her songs "Say I Do" and "Love You,"
Grimes uses her style and music tastes in Electronic,EDM,House,Trip
Hop and hiphop,Indie Music to ultimately produced a new and original sound of
her own to turn heads in the music entertainment industry.

Her new hit single, “Money Money”, featured on her latest album, "The
Album 43". "Money Money" was Grimes first glimmer of success. The
video got over 200,000 views almost immediately in less than two weeks
later already has more than 500,000 views and is still counting, with
over 1,039,488 YouTube Video Views. Also she amassed a huge social
media following of over 1.3 million people follow her on Twitter, over
3,963,000 combined plays on Soundcloud, Over 17,500 followers on her
instagram page, Over 41,100 likes on her Facebook Page, while being
followed on Facebook by over 428,280 people.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aliciagrimes71
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alicia-Grimes-205959576094155/

Media Contact
Alicia Grimes Entertainment
Booking: grimespromotion1@gmail.com

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At a time of undeniable disapproval of American political leaders ; there has been an evident need for an influential lead for the people that live in "The Struggle". For this reason, NY recording artist Skittelz & DMV Producer Del Connect have decided to re-release this powerful record on all streaming platforms . In an era where stereotypical trap beats and simplistic lyrics are the norm, Skittz dares to share the depth of his experience via poetic delivery and enlighten the masses while tapping into the essence of the music culture . According to Wikipedia , the origins of "Hip-Hop have been described as an outlet and voice for the disenfranchised youth of low-economic areas, as the culture reflected the social, economic and political realities of their lives." Hearing that truth on this record is a breath of fresh air , along with the messages accompanied within the project's visuals. The message addresses economic class,the great recession, Inequality, activism,crime in low-income communities,student loan debt in America, broken homes, outsourcing of jobs/careers to foreign countries, poverty, organized boycotts and my exercise of the consitutional first ammendment rights.

Make sure that you share the music or spread the movement; for the creation of more impactful art and organizing solutions in these troubling times.

#TheStruggle by @skittelzmusic Produced by Del Connect 

Watch/Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLFDn2TeR0CfBktoPNgnyQ


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"Hittown Records based out of Florida offers services to those in the music industry. They also have created a multi media network with various ways to grass root new artist ."Smiley is the Past,Present,Future of Hip Hop. Smiley has been compared to the many main stream artist. Smiley's style,vibe and content make him the next big thing coming out of Broward County. The "Trap House" is the 4th project from "SMILEY"this year. The follow up to previous mixtape "Welcome To The Tropic Zone".


@HittownRecords -Twitter

@SmileyHittown -Snap Chat

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Gold Expectations Presents: The Gold Sound Mixtape

The new release from recording label Gold Expectations "The Gold Sound" is very unique and diverse featuring artist such as Kiante Robinson, Young Ash, HEFF, The Royal Mob, SNS, MVL (Mill-Vill & Vina Love), Madeline Lauer and much more.
This body of work is much more than a mixtape it's considered a statement, the music speaks and if you listen you'll hear that this is the type of music you needed all along.
Fresh sounds and originality is what surrounds the release of The Gold Sound, with each track hand picked by label owner Durice Thompson.
Tracks like "Facts" by SNS , "Wait A Minute" by Young Ash, "Greatest Of My Time" by Kiante Robinson & "Need Nobody" by MVL (Mill-Vill & Vina Love) are going to be the first to catch any music lovers ear.
The other golden gems are "Can't Lie" by HEFF, "Highway" by Madeline Lauer and "Poetry" by Kiante Robinson, those 3 are also sure to latch on to the ear of a music fan with great taste.
It's not often you can listen to a mixtape straight through without skipping any tracks, Gold Expectations made sure that this was very soothing to the ears by only selecting artist that have #TheGoldSound.

Check out the track listing for "The Gold Sound".

Enjoy this exceptional body of work and be sure to stay connected with Gold Expectations on social media!

#GoldExpectations #TheGoldSound

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Compass, also known as God Body Bingo, is a rapper from the North side of Houston, Texas and part of up and coming Hip-Hop collective Still Dreamin'. He has been writing lyrics since he was in middle school and recording music since he was 18 years old. Now on the verge of turning 21 he is poised to make a name for himself and is currently working on a new project entitled VOCAL, which is scheduled for early 2017.


Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud: @GodBodyBingo

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Mel Drops Music Video To "Late Nights" Single!

Mel is a very energetic and up and coming artist out of Odessa,Texas very humble, 24 years of age working on the release of his first mixtape Above Average before the year is over. While constantly continues to release dope music He focuses on fashion in his spare time be sure to stay updated and follow the movement and be sure to check the release of the video "Late Nights" this week.



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Kiante Robinson Drops "Poetry" New Single!

"Poetry" is the second single released by Kiante Robinson from his highly anticipated mixtape "Love For Rap/Rap For Love" which will be released by the end of November. The Bronx native has tapped into the true elements of Hip-Hop on this release, poetry is very ear opening and soothing to all true fans of music. Get ready for real music and less gimmicks presented by recording label Gold Expectations.

Instagram : instagram.com/krob__/

Twitter: twitter.com/KianteRobinson_


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Nicki Minaj opened up about her abortion in recent interview, saying she thought she "was going to die". "I was a teenager. It was the hardest thing I'd ever gone through," she continued. Minaj became pregnant when dating upcoming rapper Banknote Mitch, an older guy from Charlotte, N.C., while visiting family. The decision to abort has "haunted me all my life," but she stands behind her decision: "It'd be contradictory if I said I wasn't pro-choice. I wasn't ready, "I didn't have anything to offer a child." Minaj alludes to the abortion in The Pink Print single "All Things Go," rapping, "My child with Aaron (@Banknotemitch) would have been 16, any minute."Minaj touched on the abortion early in her career, on "Autobiography." But she "didn't expect anyone to hear."

In the third verse of "Autobiography," she alludes to people telling her she wasn't ready to have a baby, and asks for her unborn child's forgiveness: "Please, baby, forgive me, mommy was young/ Mommy was too busy, trying' to have fun/ Now I don't pat myself on the back, for sending you back/ 'Cause God knows, I was better than that... Listened to people who told me I wasn't ready for you/ But how the f--- would they know what I was ready to do?" Nicki broke everything down step by step in a two hour interview, so we had to summarize for this article. Nicki went on to say my abortion happened 16 years ago. I was dating a guy that I loved very much. We were in an on again, off again relationship for years. When I would take trips to see my family in Charlotte, North Carolina, we would start our relationship right where we left off. His government name is not Aaron, which everyone knows by now, his name is Mitchell. I only said Aaron in the song because I was still bitter. My career was taking off and I didn't want to help his, just before my abortion we had a fight and broke up. A couple weeks later I found out that I was pregnant, when I told him, he said that he wanted me to have an abortion because he didn't think I would be a good mother. Also, he said I was a big baby and challenged me to finally be a woman.

I really never thought he would want me to go through with it. I found out that he was dealing drugs and I wanted him out of my life, so I chose to follow through with his plan. The night before my abortion, I couldn't sleep. I was lying alone in bed with racing thoughts, and I knew what I was about to do was very wrong. When I woke up that morning, I went to the abortion clinic, I noticed the picketers and I wanted to make sure none of them knew me. I drove around the block. None of them looked familiar, so I pulled into the parking lot and went in. The picketers yelled stuff to me, but I felt they didn't know my situation so they didn't deserve my time. Once inside, I gave the receptionist a fake name. I felt numb. I filled out paper work, talked to a counselor, talked to a nurse, and tried not to think about what I was doing.

A nurse escorted me into the abortion room. She helped me get ready for the procedure and just asked me vague questions about the weather and if I was going to school. The abortionist came into the room and began my abortion. The nurse was leaning over me and starring into my eyes. After a little while, she asked the doctor "Is something wrong?" He said, "It is trying to get away – I've tried three times!" I was shocked!! What he said hit me like a ton of bricks. It is trying to get away! I started to pray and ask God to stop all this from happening – to not let it work – to let it fail - to put His hand in the way of the vacuum. I couldn't believe what I was doing!! Seconds later, the abortionist said, "It's done". He put away his tools and left the room. I was going to die and a part of me did in that room.

Original article posted here>> http://www.migratemusicnews.com/2016/11/life-before-stardom-interview-with-nicki-minaj.html?m=1


Twitter: @banknotemitch

Instagram: @NICKIMINAJ

Instagram: @banknotemitch




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