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Faye Elise aka Faye Jackson has proven in one year why plus size women should be shown in a different light especially in the world of professional wrestling. In 2016, Faye debuted with Ring of Honor Wrestling and having her 1st match EVER aired on national tv. What the fans loved about her was her confidence. Plus size women especially in the wrestling industry are portrayed to be monsters, unnattractivre, freaks of nature. Women are told to cover up their bodies and hide behind face paint or mask. Faye is the exact opposite. She loves showing her curves and proving that big girls can be sexy too. She goes by the statements “powerhouse brickhouse” and “her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” (which she has proven om countless times if you check out her instagram). So whats next for this “powerhouse brickhouse”. She hopes to redefine the standard of beauty and take the pro wrestling world by storm.

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