Would you stay with a rich man who Cheats?

Alright ladies, I want honesty! I was chatting with a lady 10 years my senior today, and we were discussing women who leave their cheating rich man. She called them crazy for leaving men with money. She also said that she would not care what the guy did, as long as she had enough money to maintain a fancy lifestyle. Read More at Black Convo

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  • @Cali Thanks!

  • @cali grown, I feel you on dat. A lot of women will just say, "as long as he taking care of me, He can do whatever". Its funny how no matter how bad STD's get, people still aint scared to live a certain way!

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    Thanks for sharing this with us fam. And this is a perfect example to people if you have a blog, just share an excerpt from it to lead people to your personal one.
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