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Clamary Storm aka "Eva Del Rap"

 Clamary Storm also known as Lady Loka oh la "Eva Del Rap" was born in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States finding there the opportunity to exploit her artistic talent. In early 2004 she began her career in the entertainment industry as a urban singer/rapper of hip-hop, reggaeton & R&B. She was a former member of a group called "La Magia Negra" being the only female in the group and noted for her daring style, sensual and street which attracted the attention of many producers and independent record labels. 
 Composer of more than thirty songs including "Come On Gato" from the compilation album "New Breath" From Indiggo Child Records who she signed a contract with and others. She has shared the stage with various exponents of the genre such as the group Aguakate, Speedy and Og Black, Temperamento, GNero and Lexy among others. She has collaborated with other artist such as Hardcore, Monta The Star, J. Amore and European famous singer Gala. She is currently working on her new single "Montame" compose by Monta The Star and herself and produced by Dj Reflex "El Que Tiene El Sazon" and she's also working on her first album "Eva" but waiting on her Adán so the project can be completed. The Storm is Coming Are You Ready?

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Kay Temptress

 Kay Temptress took her claim into the modeling industry in 2010, giving the DMV a touch of elegance with a twist of sensuality. She originally lived in D.C. then later moved to Maryland, where she showed early signs of being ready for the entertainment industry. Kay's 34B-30-38 measurements along with her beautiful eyes, have been shot by photographers such as Michael Avon and Steve Bennett, with much more to come. Not only is she great with modeling, but she does this while being a great mother, and a student working on her Associates in Nursing. Kay Temptress is a woman of dilegence, beauty, humor, and most importantly respect.

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Black Diamond

Shot by Clientele
 Texas Treasure, Black Diamond knew she wanted to model when she at the tender age of 7 years old watching "The Miss America Pageant" in hopes to one of them. She moved from San Antonio to Austin right around that time and been in the capital ever since. Black Diamond didn't work more towards her dream until she hit her 40's realizing although she might not be in her 20's the fact that she still looked the age (34-33-38) would help her continue what was once a dream into a reality. She has had the honor of shooting with King Magazine Photographer Efani Allah as well as two other key shoots. Black Diamond in a nutshell is very unique, rare, and priceless beauty, which is how she earned her name.
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Que Cupcake

Shot By Ryan O'Nash Photography
 By way of Charlotte, Aquetta or Que Cupcake has been working in and out of the modeling industry since 2005. Being open minded has lead her towards the creation of QuesClozet, which is her online shop for great gift ideas as well as a look within her life and her sexiness (36C-30-46). Que has been featured in few local videos as well as dance it up on her YouTube channel. On top being family oriented, she strives to make money, live good, while being happy.
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Bélla Aréé

  Bélla Aréé is a woman who is no stranger to traveling, due to fact of moving around a lot from her birthplace Detroit. She did a little modeling when she was younger, but then jumped back into seriously a few years ago. She has worked with J. Fiyar and a Spokesmodel for PhotoBlush-DuskSpot Division. Bélla Aréé is a petite model (32-24-26) whose passion is to make this business her lively hood not just a hobby. She looks forward to doing some artistic nudes to display her strong comfort with her sexuality.

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Model Angela

  Texas Capital Born, Houston Raised Angela Henry is a published model and aspiring actress who has an eye for fashion at the tender age of 9. Between her creativity and lack of camera shyness, Angela knew she had what it took to make a career of modeling after being 2 years in. 

 She is currently working towards her bachelor's in Clinical Laboratory Science with dreams of aiding in cancer research. Angela agrees with the golden phrase "Beauty is in the Beholder" due to being a motivational speaker to other young women encouraging them to embrace their beauty.

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 A couple of decades ago a Starr was born, Starr Royal that is. Born in Garland while raised in Denton, she has always had a way of drawing a crowd with her charisma. Although she has done amateur modeling, she ready to take it to the next level with her 36C-28-42 frame. Starr opened for Slim Thug, done some promoting with Hyp(e) Models, danced back up for Just Brittany for her debut concert all in Houston, has been featured in Human Canvas Magazine, and has shot with ExtremeWorksStudio and Calvin Brown Photography. She looks to one day be in King Magazine, while soon opening a deaf daycare. With this outgoing personality you have a Starr in the making.

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Brielle Sunshyne

  Brielle Sunshyne is a Jersey Girl at heart, due to the fact she was born and raised there, moved to Florida for a bit only to find herself going back to her roots. She has formal training from when she was younger and applying it to her current 32-26-38 , 5'2" measurements. Brielle's determined, outgoing yet outspoken nature has helped get in the light of doing a few fashion shows, commericial for Atlantic City's "Reddings Restaurant", Radio Personality on Blasturthoughts Radio, and a great event and talent promoter. Brielle earned the "Sunshyne" part of her name because she brings a beautiful, positive light to any project she touches.
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August Rayne

Shot by Fyne Girlz Magazine
 Come Chill With The Virgo! Natita Douse aka Virgo Love whose born and raised in Savannah, Georgia is new to the modeling scene. Virgo Love got her start with her first big photoshoot courtesy of Digital Art Photography, which she shares she had a blast doing. 
 She's a hard worker, adaptable, easy going and dependable. Virgo is definitely looking for ways to expand her port with some of the best photographers and is open to most areas of photography. The stars have aligned and their astrological chart points to Virgo Love.
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Entice Diamante

 Entice Diamante (was born March 18, 1987) in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This Jamaican Canadian Beauty now standing tall at 6'1 has always stood out of the crowd with her long slim figure. Her love for the Fashion & Beauty Industry blossomed at the age of 14, "I took a home economics class in junior high school and really enjoyed it.The ability to take my creativity to another level was always really exciting".

 Because of her amazing personality that is constantly shining through, she has often been approached by her peers about pursuing a career in the arts (i.e acting,modelling). At the age of 18 she began to familiarize herself with the industry and was signed to an agency for a couple years.
 In 2006 she decided to put the modelling and acting on hold to attend college, where she graduated with a major in marketing.
 Now she is back on the scene as a model, she is working hard to build up her portfolio and is currently available for bookings, "Modelling has always been something that I've enjoyed, and now I feel that I really have a chance to shine and kick my career into full gear".
 Not only a stunning model, Entice Diamante is also a talented makeup artist that will be taking the makeup world by storm, "I'm a creative being, and I enjoy expressing myself through multiple avenues." Definitely keep your eyes peeled for what this talented model has planned next

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