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Tsar Paris

  Tucson native, Tsar Paris is powerful dual threat due to being both a model and photographer. She has been modeling on and off since 2008, and eventually took on photography. Tsar Paris worked in an agency located in Tucson called Flair Modeling, and evenutally worked with John Casablancas located in Phoenix for some time. Many people describe her as ambitious, determined, free-spirited, with peace and love at her core. She eventually wants to own a art gallery and photography studio to maximize her brand. Her current measurements are 38-31-42.

iAmSoDivine.com which also had an amazing site to increase the web presence of the "Divinely Purposed" women. We help models gain exposure and being an aid to some of the models management teams. After almost two successful years the site that is geared directly to models has evolved to iAmSoDivine.com which will carry on the same great concepts.

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