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  Virginia born and raised beauty, "TeeTheModel," has been working in the modeling industry now for two strong years to become one of the strongest brands out of Richmond. She had the pleasure of traveling while meeting new people to work with such as Model Janequa (@queenmee____ on Instagram) and shooting with MLB Photography. Tee is a very focused and driven woman, which is what also helps her not only do good with modeling, but also finishing Cosmotoglogy school to become a strong makeup artist and hairstylist, as well as helping those in need with her concentration in nursing as well.. She is currently measured at 115 pounds, standing at 5'2".

iAmSoDivine.com which also had an amazing site to increase the web presence of the "Divinely Purposed" women. We help models gain exposure and being an aid to some of the models management teams. After almost two successful years the site that is geared directly to models has evolved to iAmSoDivine.com which will carry on the same great concepts.

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