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Nina Milano

  Philly native, Nina Milano has been putting in work in the modeling industry strong since 2011. She has been putting in overtime to become a household name, all while helping other models do the same in the process. Nina has had many great times while shooting with many photographers, but her personal fave adventures are with Chuck Wilmore. They were always somewhere they weren't supposed to be at, yet were lucky to not get caught. She is often described as down to earth and very passionate. Her current measurements are roughly 32-24-33.

Photographer: Michael Knight

iAmSoDivine.com which also had an amazing site to increase the web presence of the "Divinely Purposed" women. We help models gain exposure and being an aid to some of the models management teams. After almost two successful years the site that is geared directly to models has evolved to iAmSoDivine.com which will carry on the same great concepts.

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