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  Lifelong European, CherryWellBad, who was born and raised in Rome, Italy, but now a resident of London for the past four years has a way of winning people over with her sparkling personality. She has been a proud dancer, partially in the Dancehall spectrum for a quite a while, in which she eventually translated into her modeling career that started early 2015. Some of the people CherryWellBad has worked with includes RiRi Images (@ririimages on IG), a lingerie line by stylist Ms. Brooke (@_littleb_ on IG) called "French Lace," and doing several videos showcasing her dancing skills by Rap City TV (@rapcitytv on IG/YouTube). She is eventually looking to travel more to expand her brand globally, while shooting with a variety of photographers and videographers.

iAmSoDivine.com which also had an amazing site to increase the web presence of the "Divinely Purposed" women. We help models gain exposure and being an aid to some of the models management teams. After almost two successful years the site that is geared directly to models has evolved to iAmSoDivine.com which will carry on the same great concepts.

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