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  From Watertown, NY to Richmond, VA, "AngelTheModel," was destined to stake her claim in the modeling industry starting in the East Coast. Modeling now for about a year, she has been put her strengths of intellect and creativity to great use. Angel has worked with TeeTheModel (@teethemodel_ on Instagram), and posed for MLBphotography (@mlbphotography804 on Instagram). When she isn't modeling, a lot of her time is dedicated to college, where she is studying engineering and architectural design. If that wasn't enough on her plate is then going to obtain her CNA licenses, continue volunteering with her community, and remaining an Honors Student. Angel is overall an indpendent and strong-minded woman (if you couldn't tell already), who loves and embraces all of her imperfections. She is currently measured at 109 pounds, standing at 5'1".

iAmSoDivine.com which also had an amazing site to increase the web presence of the "Divinely Purposed" women. We help models gain exposure and being an aid to some of the models management teams. After almost two successful years the site that is geared directly to models has evolved to iAmSoDivine.com which will carry on the same great concepts.

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