God become SO Faithful once I got OUT of HIS way. There is an untold PEACE in TRUSTING GOD to WORK it TOGETHER for YOUR GOOD. Even if people had wrong motives against YOU, God WILL make YOU prevail OVER THEM #BESTILL
ALL things are WORKING TOGETHER for MY GOOD once I got COMMITTED to fulfilling HIS Purpose. Growth happens when YOU recognize that what YOU’RE GROWING THROUGH WILL ultimately WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD. GOD PROMISED YOU that EVERYTHING WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD, but HE DIDN’T say that it would FEEL GOOD.
MY FEELINGS REALLY DON’T’ have the CAPACITY to comprehend that ALL things are going to WORK TOGETHER for MY GOOD. On the OTHER side of MY VICTORY I’m starting to realize that MY struggles have produced MY GROWTH SPURT.
Keeping MY eyes MY prize is about ME FOCUSING on the THINGS & PEOPLE that MATTER & RELEASING the THINGS & PEOPLE that DON’T. The BEST way that I become a BIG picture thinker was to IGNORE SMALL MINDED PEOPLE #NOLIMITS