I have NO idea exactly WHAT God is about to do but I’m keeping MY FAITH! I KNOW that I can ALWAYS expect a VICTORY with GOD!
I DON’T compete with ANYONE on THEIR Level. I just EVOLVE to MY NEXT Level & have them catch up. It is NOT the WILL of GOD for ME to be DELAYED!
NO ONE can Pray for YOU the way that YOU can Pray for YOU! WHATEVER it is that is TRYING to attach YOU, PRAYER will ALWAYS subdue it. GROW into another dimension THROUGH Prayer! God is EXPECTING us to PRAY!
Some people are angry that I'm blessed! #ThatsTooBadForThem. Prayer has REVEALED the enemy's plots & Prayer has STOPPED him in his tracks. There are some things in life that ONLY PRAYER can accomplish. Prayer EMPOWERS YOU & it BREAKS Strong- Holds.