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There is such great peace in ignoring foolishness. Sometimes the best way to avoid being offended, is to choose WHAT && WHO to ignore. Learning WHAT && WHO to ignore has been a POWERFUL lesson for me. I am on purpose so I don't have the time to fight fruitless battles. Spending time on fruitful things, has kept me from wasting time on foolishness. There is a time for EVERYTHING but not EVERYTHING is a good use of MY TIME! && I've learned to DISCERN the difference.Certain things I just couldn't spend time on anymore, simply because they were just a waste of my time. The BEST thing that has shown me MY GROWTH are the THINGS && PEOPLE that I've decided to ignore. I give MYSELF permission to tell people that foolishness is a currency I DON'T accept. Now that I've LEARNT better, I am now SPEAKING better! My GREATEST Growth has come from all my most difficult struggles.There is PEACE in trusting the process, even when I don't understand it. SUCCESS really is the BEST revenge, Learn to LET I…
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May I stay focused and in alignment with what I have planted so that I am ready for my blessings.
May I be patient while I wait for the time of harvest, may I sing songs of expectancy and praise
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