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 @DokTorSainTan PresenTs... NYC's FinesT, YOUNG BLOODER! He's The G.O.A.T! The nexT Big Thing. Possibly The BiggesT ever! 2 mix Tapes, 7 Albums & 1 kompilaTion deep as of now, he's already worth The TiTle. Known All ThroughouT his ciTy, mainly in Queens, Hes anoTher GreaT koming Straight outa Bed-STy Brooklyn. Very Populare in Philadelphia as well. In His own words personally he says "I'm jusT ThaT Guy ThaT Niggaz Loves To HaTe". He's The TruTh with a Track rekord & reporT kard ThaT speaks for iTself. A Born HusTler & Survivor slanging heavy drugs since elementary, in & ouT of jail & long known for his Gang AffiliaTions. If iTs noT Him, iTs No 1. STream his enTire KaTalog on excepT for his 1sT klassik mixTape release That's available for full download on BoTh AudioMack & Titled JungleMusik vol. 1. #JungleMusik #BlooderMusik #BlavaMusik. STay konnecTed & know everything he has goin on By visiTing "Rags To Riches" i…
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If I wanted to WIN, then I HAD to SEE the things in MY life & those things around ME, DIFFERENTLY! YOU want to WIN, YOU HAVE TO KEEP MOVING #PUSH
Even when I broke down I DIDN’T STOP THERE. Baby I broke THROUGH!
Thinking of broadcasting live show on Periscope ... hhmmmm .... #FollowMeTho #Periscope @MonayeTheModel #Monaye