Sometimes the ONLY thing standing between YOU & YOUR breakthrough is a bad attitude. Experiencing the desires of YOUR heart requires YOU to BELIEVE that with GOD, ALL & I do mean ALL things ARE possible. #NOWORRIES
When you STOP despising what you've been through, you can START appreciating where GOD is taking YOU. What you've been through isn't even about YOU, it's for GOD to get the glory out of YOUR victory. In order to experience the desires of YOUR heart, put your hope in GOD & open your mind to ALL things possible.
I WON’T become a victim to what I've been through, but instead I CHOOSE to celebrate WHO & WHAT I’ve become IN the process. Instead of wasting time wondering WHY ME, invest the time in knowing, BUT GOD! Winners EMBRACE what they've been through because they know it ELEVATES their victory to a NEW level.
Sometimes you just have to REFOCUS & count YOUR blessings instead of YOUR problems. Life is TOO precious not to put YOUR problems into perspective.

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