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Be careful of WHAT YOU allow to consume YOU && YOUR thoughts. You GROW as you GO. NO ONE && NOTHING can stop GOD’S calling on MY life. The Holy Spirit is REAL, MOST HIGH REIGNS!
It’s OKAY to change directions so that YOU can better YOUR life. Growth && Evolution are beautiful things. Change directions && begin to reconsider WHAT && WHO matters in YOUR life.
God is giving me strategies to WIN. I know that He is Faithful to do what He says He will do. Now I use WISDOM to move ahead. I’m STILL here so I can STILL re-adjust. Admit that you CAN be doing things differently. Let YOUR pride go.
I EXPECT wins NOW the way that I USE to EXPECT defeat. I may not like the process that I have to go through but I am sure loving the outcome of this long process. I was designed to be VICTORIOUS!