The Journey Is Becoming SO REAL - #Thankful #Grateful #Humbled
In this season of sifting and refining, I praise God for the opportunity to go through this process. For the strength He gives me each day, the humble heart He’s developing in me, and the way He’s using the gifts He blessed me with to bring honor to His name outside of my comfort zone. May it ALWAYS be HIS name declared, & NOT MINE!
Maybe it’s time to step back and reassess. Adjust our thinking. Do some rearranging. Make room for growth. Sometimes asking “Why am I still doing this?” is the first step toward making simple changes with profound results.
I guess I’d gotten so used to the way things were, I didn’t even realize it was past time to change. It had simply become “the way I did it,” and that’s the way it stayed, long after the reason behind it had grown up and moved away.