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Summer Monroe In Flawless Upskirt da clean version

We love it when a model comes to us whom the web already knows and is open minded about what we are willing to shoot on her. We try to shoot material that no...
5 hours ago
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HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"I just want to surround myself with people who ALWAYS ENCOURAGE me to be GREAT, better than what I was before! #DivineRelationships"
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"DAILY I'm getting better. Now, I ALWAYS aspire to do better, live better, && have better."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"If you want to feel better about yourself, compliment someone else."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"The best way to remind yourself that you're blessed is to GET BACK UP! :) You've outgrown them. Keep soaring!"
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"Don't allow people who knew you when, discount where you are now. You've changed and grown into an amazing person."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"God reminded me that in THIS season my critics are going to have to EAT what THEY said about ME #JustWaitOnIt"
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"You're not being crucified until people in the SAME predicament as YOU are making fun of YOU. #CatchThat - Matthew 27:44."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"NOBODY can stop God from raising me back UP! Resurrection: A comeback that NOBODY can stop."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"Thank You for the lifelines You sent when I just didn't think I could make it another day."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"Thank You for the hard times that I didn't think I'd make it through that have made me who I am today."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"&& Thank You for all the gifts You've placed in me. Thank You for all of that has happened on my behalf that I never even saw."
15 hours ago
HAITIANJUWEL posted a status
"God, this evening I just want to say Thank You.Thank You for all the opportunities I have"
15 hours ago
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"Happy Early Birthday Antoinette Soto!"
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"check out my model page on facebook and show me some luv https://www.facebook.com/shyshy9800"
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"Faith && Action = Great Works ;)) Good Night"

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1 Small thighs cute eyes

Small thighs cute eyes

richmond, virginia, United States

2 T. Steele

T. Steele

Richmond, Virginia, United States



Atlanta,Georgia, United States

4 Ieshia Monique

Ieshia Monique

Atlanta, GA, Georgia

5 Jon Oh?!

Jon Oh?!

Charleston, SC, United States

6 Tayo


NYC/NJ, United States

7 Shemaiah Reed

Shemaiah Reed

San Antonio, TX, United States

8 ModelNotebook.com


Mableton, Georgia, United States

9 Bella


dayton oh, United States

10 151 Proof Envy

151 Proof Envy

Greensboro, NC, United States

Hot Vs Hot Mess

A Modern Day Clockwork Orange

Posted by Jon Oh?! on April 18, 2014 at 8:37pm 0 Comments

 "Know you gotta cry, just to smile" the opening line(lyric) of BlackClockwork, and gives you a basic outline and sets a tone for the 1970's remake "A Clockwork Orange".  The opening video finds our 'hero' roaming the streets of his town aimlessly pondering the ultimate physic of life, the yin/yang, good/evil, gains/losses.  As he gains understanding of this our protagonist/antagonist proceeds down a path of redemption in attempts of massive success.  


"A Clockwork Orange teaches people about freewill and its importance, which is what I base my existence upon.  Nothing can compare to being forced to do something without a choice, no matter the circumstances, natures law.  This is where the stories coincide and why I chose it, or it chose me...."

While we must exercise our rite of freewill we must also be just as mindful to making wise and/or meaningful choices.  A lesson that our antagonists/protagonists have to learn the hard way, before reaching true understanding, of it and it's powers.  

Black C…



Hip and Coachella

Started by Jon Oh?! in Music on Tuesday. 0 Replies

Coachella weekend 1 just ended, and from what was shared it looks (Speechless) Shid makes me feel there....Anyways I felt all inquisitive this morning and wanted a full history of the fest, so I went 15 Years in the past to read up on it, and every lineup it's had since.  I'm mostly a hiphop fan so that's what I was mostly scanning for.  Unfortunately there were really no hiphopacts involved and the only acts I recognize is Rage Against The Machine, Tool, and Moby.  In 2000 they took a hiatus, and when it came back in 2001 more hip-hop acts were added likeThat would've been a dope show to attend, if I could.  Throughout the years hiphop has been incorporated more & more and now you can see visuals like this....By the end of my research I discovered that Coachella's actually been around for 15 years now, with hip hop acts in a little bit more than half of them.  Of that list here's the ones that I'dsacrifice time to go back and see...2006 showcased an array of artists i'm fond of such as Gnarles Barkley, Kanye West, James Blunt, and Madonna     2010 also peaked my interest that being the year they added the LCD sound system and Jay Z &Gorillaz playedHere's the link to Coachella's History, in case you wanted to check it out yourself,  see what you missed.....Continue

Tags: jon0h, z, kanye, west, music

You're Invited !!

Started by Moniica Samuel in General Apr 4. 0 Replies

Big news! I've started an online jewelry boutique called Mook's Dream World. Each week you'll see my hand selected collection of fabulous, hard to find, styles at up to 60% off. For exclusive access, click below.Happy shopping!http://mooksdreamworld.kitsylane.com/join/wTwfWGGContinue

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