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 Meet Khadija Lee aka "Chyna DolLee", who got her name based off her Chinese heritage (she is also Jamaican, Cuban, and French) and always being called a little "China Doll". Born in Manhattan, NY yet raised in Bergan County, NJ and Dallas, TX, she has a Multi-Regional outlook that has helped her in her modeling career that kicked started in 2014. Chyna DolLee has had many highlights which always include envisioning an image and making it a reality, while being able to explore different place and meeting awesome like-minded artists. Some of the companies she has had the pleasure to work with include Calvin Brown Photography, Reminsce Photography, Digital ELW Photography, DMari Clothing, Extreme Works Studio, WINK Magazine, and more great Dallas-Fort Worth photographers and directors. Her current measurements include 5'2" in height and a 34B-27-38 frame. Aside of modeling, Chyna DolLee is focused on being a "Jill of All Trades" in the entertainment industry which include being a dancer…
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