You will be grateful for the process AFTER you walk into what it has processed you for. #PressOn
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There is NO competition in MY Destiny !
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Out of my greatest REJECTION came my greatest DIRECTION. Growth demands temporary discomfort. It's a blessing when what used to upset me, no longer phases me && the greater blessing is when the other party recognizes it too! LOL! I decree && declare that I will NEVER be bound again! Transition is both exciting && scary but I won't allow my fears to keep me from going. Sometimes I don't know where I'm going, but I do know where I CAN'T stay. NOW, I have the POWER to move AHEAD!The muscles developed while weighed down by the process become the same muscles that were used to lift me up, out && through. Just because I'm not at my destination YET, doesn't mean I'm not moving. Learning how to be content while I am being developed for where I am going. Some people are upset with me for moving on, SHRUGS, I moved on anyway! My process has been so interesting, even my spectators are watching to see what the end is going to be! LOL #KeepLurkingProgress is a discipline && I'm not trying to "OUT…